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About Black Gold Pet Food Incorporated

Starting from the dining room table to International distribution - Black Gold Dog Food has experienced tremendous growth.

Black Gold Dog Food was started by John and Don Allen, brothers who have promoted and delivered dog food most of their life. Earl Allen, their father, owned a Midwestern distribution for “Houn Dawg” dog food during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Earl (now deceased) and John also owned AA Kennels together, one of the finest American Foxhound kennels in the country, producing many generations of local, state, national and international field and bench champions.

After dinner on Christmas Eve in 1995, two brothers from Missouri involved with dogs and dog food their whole life, started discussing the lack of any great dog food on the market. That night the brothers began formulating the blends that would provide the exact nutrition that their own dogs needed to perform and to look their best. They named the company Black Gold, after one of their dad’s great Foxhound Champions; Black Gold is the dog pictured on most of the bags.

The role of companion animal nutrition is to supply the required nutrients in a balanced and acceptable manner. Black Gold products are designed to provide this complete and balanced nutrition, be convenient to feed, and great tasting to the dog. The subject of dog food is very technical, very complicated, and highly debated. Dog food issues could be discussed for days and still not all nutritionists agree, because dogs are like people and no two are alike.

In 2015, a big change occurred in Black Gold Pet Foods, Inc. After being family owned and operated for nearly 20 years, ProPet LLC, decided to purchase the Black Gold brand and launch it to a new level. Black Gold had problems in distribution as a small company. The partnership with ProPet promises the levels of quality that Black Gold has always insisted upon, as well as the added convenience of wider distribution that our customers need. So now, along with having one of the best dog foods in the country, Black Gold will be available in more areas.

“We would not promote a product that we do not use ourselves- nor one not proven worthy of our reputation”. Through the many years of feeding our own dogs, we have settled on wholesome and natural formulas that we feel perform the best in a variety of conditions. We are now offering our premium dog food formulas to everyone. We have developed several different blends because not all dogs are created equal and because use conditions are not equal. Activity level, physical condition, age, climate, temperature, and terrain are all factors that dictate different balances for a dog’s nutritional needs.

Black Gold Out Performs

There are many brands of dog food on the market today but Black Gold out-performs the rest when considering results vs. cost per pound. At our own kennels, we have reduced our dog food bill by 30% and have reduced cleanup by more than 50%. Most customers realize similar results.
It's fairly simple. If your pet doesn't like his food, he doesn't get the nutrient he needs, no matter how well the food is formulated. Black Gold has great taste appeal with high digestibility. This will assure the energy level, conditioning and healthy skin, and coat your dog requires. At the same time, lower stool volumes and affordable prices are requirements of the dog owner. Black Gold provides these to our valued customers as well.

Many veterinarians use and recommend Black Gold. You too will find the Black Gold Pet Food line of products to be TOP QUALITY AT A VERY REASONABLE PRICE. In a few short years, Black Gold has expanded from ground zero to distribution throughout the United States and beyond. This tells us that the dog food is doing what we intended.

The ultimate goal of the Black Gold folks is to satisfy man's best friend, your dog. However, if you, the customer, are not 100% satisfied with any Black Gold product, for a full refund, send the package with a sample of its contents to BLACK GOLD PET FOODS, INC. 12115 Hwy. 28 West P.O. Box 209 Vienna, Missouri 65582-0209.

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Black Gold Dog Food
Dogs Love Us - People Trust Us

We are wholly owned, sourced* & then Made in the USA  -*except our New Zealand Lamb