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First off love your products and will never buy another type of dog food.

John - A young man here in Menard got a pup from me two years ago and was not hunting him. I had had three from the same litter and all made exceptional hounds thought I lost two of them at an early age. I asked the young man if he would let me hunt the dog and we would partner on him. He agreed but said that the dog was in poor condition. I asked if he had wormed the dog and he said that he had but planned to worm him again. I picked the dog up a few days later and changed him to Black Gold Performance Blend 26-18. In less than three weeks, the dog had regained his weight and was beginning to slick off. I only wish that I had taken photos "before" and "after". He has been at my house for two months now and is making a really nice hound. I hunt him 5 mornings a week and according to my Garmin 320 he averages 12 miles at approx. 6.5 miles per hour. He is slick and with tremendous muscle definition. Thanks for a great product, Gary Roberson

Dear Blackgold I have been using your dog food for several years now. On occasion I would stray away because of prices going higher but always came back. I continue to feed the black bag 26/18 and love it. Recently I raised a litter of pups I haven’t raised any for several years so I didn’t know what to use in the past I fed p..., but through friends and fellow hunters I knew it wasn’t what it used to be. So I decided to try your Ultimate Puppy Formula, let me tell you it’s the best puppy feed I have every used bar none. Just bought another bag today. Keep making this fine product. I know most of your letters are from dissatisfied customers I thought a positive comment would be nice. Sincerely, One happy Coon hunter Danny Smith P.S where can I get Black Gold gear? (the Black Gold hat I got has worn out)
We have two dogs – 10 year old lab/border collie/springer mixes; they are pets, not working dogs but are quite active. One has always been thin and sleek; the other – well, her nickname of thunderbuns pretty well describes her and she also had very bad knees which slowed her down. I switched to Black Gold about two months ago and the change is amazing! She runs up and down the stairs, can jump into the truck, and her mobility is as good as her sister. It has been great to see her feel so good and enjoy her life. I bought Black Gold on a recommendation and it has definitely worked for us. Our dogs are happy, healthy and in great shape. Thanks… Terri Green, Summerville, Oregon
I have never contacted a company to express appreciation before, but I am so thrilled with this dog food that I am compelled to express my appreciation. My husband and I were at a Bob Plott exhibition about the history of the Plott Hound. Being dog lovers and North Carolinians, this was right up our alley. While we were there we met a rep and his dog. We asked him about his Black Gold hat, and he couldn’t say enough about your product. We drove back to eastern NC with the idea to search out a new food for our dogs. Luckily, we found a distributor right down the street! We have a Giant Wolfhound and a Terrier who were both enthusiastic tasters. Our Wolfhound seems more energetic and our food bills have gone down. Thank you so much for making an affordable, quality product that I feel good about serving to my furry family. We will never buy dog food from the grocery store ever again. Keep up the good work! Thanks so much, Laura and Mark Sawyer
Dear Mr. Allen First would like to say that I have been breeding dogs since the early 90’s. We recently had a litter in Nov. 2010, at which time I elected to try your dog food, (Black Gold Performance Blend, 26/18), on the litter. Used it during the lactation period and have used it ever since. The pups of show quality are showing above average growth rates and superb coats. Though, coats are somewhat defined by genetics’, the coat can be enhanced through diet. The reason, I switched was because your dog food affords Omega and this ingredient enhances the coat. I am very impressed with the coats and growth. The pups field performance energy levels seem above average too, and as mentioned by others, low stools. I now have my entire kennel switched to Black Gold. I believe I will be a life time user of Black Gold. I noticed you allow the copying of your graphic to web sites and allow links. I would like to do this. Randal Millican
I have nothing but praise for your Black Gold Lamb & Rice blend. I started feeding Black Gold one month ago to my Dachshunds. I have tried several of the other premium blends. Not only did most of them cost more, but they did not address some problems I was experiencing. I had to supplement with oils because of dry and flaky skin and also have a dog that was hard to keep at a good weight. I couldn’t get him to eat enough of the other brands to keep him at his optimum weight of 10 pounds. Since I switched to Black Gold my dogs’ coats are sleek and shiny, not dry or flaky skin and Rowdy is at his perfect weight. No more supplementing with oils or making gravy to pour over the kibble to entice him to eat. I just put a cup of kibble down for him twice a day and he eats it willingly. I feed each of the other dogs according to the recommendations on the bag and they are all looking great! We just had a litter of pups and mom held her body condition during the last month and the pups are all plump and beautiful. I am so glad I found Black Gold dog food. It has solved all my feeding concerns for a reasonable price not to mention the fact that the scooping detail is much easier and less time consuming since the digestibility ratio is so high. Thank you Black Gold!! Rowdy at his perfect weight, no ribs showing! Rowdy is the proud Papa. Mom was fed Black Gold for last month of her pregnancy. Sincerely, Laurie Klein Lazy Dawg Dachshund
Hello, I am contacting you on behalf of my mother’s Great Dane Kennel - Excalibur Great Danes. The kennel has been in business over thirty two years. We breed only to promote excellence in the Great Dane breed! We use Black Gold dog food products in our kennel and promote t to our new customers as the food to look for in their home towns to feed there pups. We always send samples with each new family to start them on the Blackgold path! We believe that Black Gold holds its standards high, much the same way we do. Thank you for your time! Thanks Aubrey D. Rains
Mr. Allen, I have been faithfully using Black Gold dog for some time now. I am purchasing it from Jim Cox and my dogs drive has improved, there work ethic has improved and there look has improved. I was using n… and had a ton of trouble with that food. I am using about half the amount I was using. I am using the black in the winter and the blue in the summer. I have a 5 yr. old female who suffers from exercise induced collapse; she has not had a problem since being on Black Gold. What we have are Search and Rescue dogs and I owe you guys a lot when have been involved in about 10-12 search’s this year with positive results in each. I’m sure you heard about the tornado’s we had here in Ga. We were the first in with dogs and were able to find 2 live persons in a collapsed motel and were able to get them out and to safety. So thank you and keep up the good work! Asst. Chief Danny Speaks Dawson County Emergency Services
I just want to express my thanks to Black Gold for the great feed and for the sponsorship that you do of all the Coonhound Events. My Female Black and Tan GrCh Melrose Mountain Amazing Gracie had a phenomenal 2010 and I owe a lot of it to the feed she eats and has eaten from birth. Gracie for the last 4 years has been feed nothing but Black Gold Dog Food and for the last 2 years has been feed the Ultimate Adult feed. She has great structure and muscle tone with very little extra exercise and I know it comes from the food.
Some of Gracie’s 2010 Accomplishments are:
2009 UKC Top Ten Black and Tan
2009 AKC Black Gold Bench Show Spectacular Black and Tan Breed Winner
2010 Grand American Overall Grand Champion Female
2010 Winter Classic Grand Champion B&T Female
2010 AKC World’s Reserve World Show Champion
2010 UKC Black & Tan Days Grand Champion Female and queen of Show
2010 Autumn Oaks National Grand B&T opposite Sex
2010 UKC Worlds opposite Sex World Show Champion
2010 UKC P....Purina Points Black and Tan Breed Winner
 Again just want to thank you so much for a great feed and just know no matter how much pressure I get to feed something else I am a Black Gold person and will continue to be.
Lisa M. Beddingfield Melrose Mountain Hounds Flat Rock, NC
I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful product, I feed your product to my Great Danes, and have fed to other dogs that I have owned in the past, I don’t know what you guys are doing to your food, but I would definitely rank it higher than all others. I have a female Great Dane that I have been trying to get weight on for quite some time, the breeder I got her from had been feeding p... so I continued with p.... for a while hoping to put weight on my dog, but to my disappointment she didn’t gain weight, I have switched her over to the Black Gold Performance, I have also recently acquired a Boxer puppy and he was on pe…. puppy, not in this house, I am not a fan of this particular food, he was throwing up his food undigested, I started him out on the Black Gold Performance, until I could get to my local feed store, and found out he carried the Ultimate Puppy and my lil guy loves this food, and I must say that even when I had him on the Adult Performance he did not throw up his food and he loves both the black bag and the puppy. Thank you again! Christy Robertson
Hello. I have been using your dog food for years now. I love it and my dogs love it. My daughter highly recommended your dog food for my Great Dane and Dalmatian. They are both over 10 years old and shed... A LOT. My Great Dane especially sheds... She’s a big dog with lots of hair. And my Dalmatian has put on weight throughout the years. I’ve tried EVERY dog food under the sun to help minimize shedding and help with weight.... I’ve used expensive name brand dog food like scdt and eu... None of them help... and my Dane is VERY picky with food. Not only has your food helped with both my dog’s issues... My picky Dane LOVES it and I’ve seen improvement in both of their coats and diet habits. My financial situation hasn’t been the best lately... and it’s not cheap feeding my family and my dogs, but we love Black Gold
Thank you... Cindy Schuyler, Green Bay, WI
Hello, I just wanted to write to you to let you know that I switched from another high brand to your Black Gold about 6 months ago and since then my Boxers are more active and have filled out a lot better. I will not go back to any other brand and have converted 3 of my friends over to Black Gold and they also love your brand. We also have 7 Siberian Huskies and have switched then over also and have seen better performance form then and less clean up. So again I just want to thank you. Paul Melton Bourbon MO
We just had to write your company. We truly cannot believe the difference in our dogs. We have fed them p.... and other types of dog food and they never look good. Our one dog always looked skinny no matter how much he ate. We went to a feed store Auto Life Outdoors in Modesto, CA and even though the cost was a little more the salesmen told us we will see a difference. We thought we would try and we were amazed. We have 3 dogs, a pit bull, German short hair and a little Pekinese. The German short hair was the one that was really staying skinny. He looks great now only after the first week too. We have now been using it for 1 month and they all look healthy and Duke, the German short hair is gained weight and we will always use your brand. Thank you, of Tom and Anne Frates Ceres CA
My name is Gayle Wallen and I feed Black Gold Black Bag to my Bullmastiffs. I have a small kennel, 6 females and 2 stud dogs. I really do like your food. I love the feed because my dogs are so healthy, shiny and grow off so well. Also, the cleanup is so much easier and that we do appreciate. Gayle Wallen, Wallen’s Riverside Bullmastiff, Adger, AL
Hello we are loving the Black Gold and what it does for our puppies and adult dogs, we have recently had 9 litters of Chinese Sharpeis and 2 litters of Schnauzers. The vets are so happy with the shape and condition of our puppies we thank you Black Gold for that. Tommy Revis Morganton NC
Hello, I’m an AT thru hiker who is currently hiking the AT with my AmStaff Rogue. I have gone over 360 miles and currently at Erwin, Tennessee staying at a dog friendly Hostel. I’m writing this email because since I first got my puppy I have been using Blackgold at home, I find it to be the best dog food for my puppy. I constantly praise it to fellow hikers with dogs I meet on the trail. I have noticed a difference in my dogs hiking ability when I run out on a long trail having to switch to other dog food brands. Thanks, Cal Daniel
I am writing you today to thank you for your product and to let you know how much we appreciate it. We have two Pitbulls, a Majestic Coon Hound, and a Great Dane. Marmie (our Great Dane) has always been a very picky eater and she wouldn’t keep weight with the food we fed before. Then we tried Black Gold and she eats your product eagerly and is putting weight back on. Our bullies and our majestic love it also, so thank you for a great product.  Marshal McAdams, Vancleave, MS
About one year ago I switched dog food to your Performance Blend 26/18, from another well-known pro feed. My brother and I run beagles in ARHA NKC field trials. From the point when we switched brands we have won 5 state hunts, we like Black Gold and the great products you make. Spencer Boy’s Kennel - Matt & Adam Spencer.
I have been feeding Black Gold for a year now and I tell everyone what an excellent product your company has. I just wanted to let you know. Thanks, (walker hounds rule!) Matthew Shedd.
Hi Guys and Gals, Just another very satisfied customer from WV. I have seven dogs, 4 boxers and 3 doxies that I feed with Black Gold in the black bag. With this many dogs in my home the 50# bag does not go far. (Yes they all live in the house, wouldn’t have it any other way.)I was told by a friend about Black Gold and decided to try it to help put some weight on one of my adult boxers. It did a great job. I am so happy with the results. Thanks again for making such a GREAT product. Keep up the good work. Patti Swisher, Grafton, WV
Hello people at Black Gold!! I am a breeder and handler of Cane Corsos Italiano dogs and have fed several different “premium” brands over the years. About 6 months ago my buddy, and fellow Corso breeder, talked me into trying Black Gold. I am now using the Performance Blend for my adults and the Signature Series Puppy. WOW! WOW! WOW! Is all I can say! Our produced litters are larger, healthier and seem to be weeks ahead of other litters of the same age! My longtime vet noticed the difference as soon as he saw the first “Black Gold Litter”! Some of our adults had developed problems with dry skin and we were adding supplements and fish oil to their food each day. As soon as we switched to your food, all of the skin problems disappeared! Our dogs are active working dogs and they have developed increased muscle tone, shinier coats and it has even increased their stamina and drive. I was a longtime advocate of a “rival” food brand, but after trying Black Gold, I feel like my dogs were missing out before. I have never written to a manufacturer about their product before, but I felt compelled to tell you how pleased we are with what you are doing there. Thank you so much for producing such a great food and such a reasonable price!! Melissa Miracle Haven Hill Corsos Hodgenville, KY
Attn: Mr. Allen Almost a year ago I wanted to switch dog food from an old brand to something else but I really did not know what. I have a kennel just west of Seymour WI, with six labs and I’m now getting into English Pointers. Everyone I talked to asked me if I had tried Black Gold, so I asked around to see who carried your product. Well there was someone close by so I decided to give it a try. That probably was the best move I ever had made with my dogs. I feed the black bag through the spring and summer months, the blue bag in the winter and fall months. I’m feeding the puppy to all the pups that are born in this kennel and we have a lab that is now retired and she gets the white bag. None of my dogs had a problem with the feed especially from different color bags they do not mind at all. Their performance and stamina are unmatched. I never saw dogs that are that exited to eat. That tells me they are completely satisfied and happy with what they are getting. Black Gold is truly the best dog food there is. Keep up the good work; you have a long time customer. Sincerely, Steve Garsow, Black Water Kennels
I have been using Black Gold dog food for many years and have always been extremely happy with the results! I have a breeding program for Shih Tzu’s, a small breed with beautiful long coats! I am currently using the red bag. I love shiny coats and good nutrition that keeps my momma’s healthy. Of course I want the best and they absolutely love the red bag. Rael Thomson
HI, just wanted to drop a note and let you know how pleased I am with your products. I have for the last 30 years had Labrador Retrievers, and during that time I have used different dog food, from cheap to the $$$ vet supplied. I stopped by my new dog food supplier one day looking for some other items. I asked about the Black Gold and after seeing dog boxes in just about every truck there, and listening to the guys there talk. I decided to get a bag of “yeller” - Trainers Blend - and give it a try. That was about two years ago. I have ran out and purchased other dog food since but the results were not the same as it is with your food. Your prices are just right, my dogs eat it up, and there is little waste the next morning. I do not have to feed has much food at a time using your product, so it just goes that much further. I now make sure not to run out of Black Gold, and have given driving directions to my wife so she can purchase when my work schedule will not allow me. I don’t have any show dogs but do get great compliments from my friends and veterinarian about the coat and muscle tone for my two dogs. Thanks, Jeff Parnell Goldsboro, NC
I have been feeding P... for years and for the last year I was not satisfied with them, so I tried a few other brands - then I found Black Gold in New York and have been very happy with your feed. Another satisfied customer - Frank Pinker
I switched our cats to your country cat and they are doing great. We have an older cat that was having trouble keeping down other high quality foods and she has done great on your formula. We have just switched our 5 dogs to the gold and white bags and we are excited about the results we will see. Thanks Stephanie, WY
I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. We purchased a puppy from Cabin Creek Kennels and they feed your product. Thank goodness we ran into Sue Hancock at the Douglas County Fair last year at the National Dock Dog Event! My daughter does dock dogs with our labs and you should see the shape she is in (one athletic muscled dog) One of our local stores now carries your product in the black bag, lamb & Rice and now the Corn Free brand. I was so excited when Sue e-mailed us to let us know about the lamb & rice one of our dogs has allergies so we have now switched to the corn free brand. Since switching to Black Gold Dog Food my dogs are healthier, have more energy and people want to know how we get their black coats to shine like they do. And of course we tell them about Black Gold and what a difference it has made to all of our dogs we will never go back. I also just want to thank Sue for all her help; she is very friendly and most helpful with any questions we have. Again we would recommend Black Gold to anyone you will not be sorry! Michelle Lee Winston, OR
John Allen. Thanks for Black Gold’s support for the sporting dog events and daily nutritional needs across the United States. I have been extremely pleased with the results (nutritional health and field trial record) East Coast Kennel has achieved over the past five years. Since 2001 we have won 11 Field and Dual Championships, 26 Combinations, 32 Best in Show, 30 Best Opposite Sex and numerous Top 10 HGA’s. Our dogs (puppies and adult) remain fit and full of energy. We have been able to raise some extremely fine looking hounds with above average speed since switching to Black Gold in September 2001. Everyone who visits our Kennel always ask the same question, “What are you feeding”? It takes a lot of time to raise puppies and keep dogs conditioned to field trial 12 months per year. It is nice to know we don’t have to worry about the quality of the feed we are purchasing. We feed @ 70 dogs daily. That alone requires a constant food supply. Thank you for the opportunity to purchase some puppies from your bloodline of hounds. We really appreciate it. I hope they fit well into our program for the future. Take care and I look forward to seeing you at some of the upcoming events. Clif Parker East Coast Kennel Hookerton NC
Hello again! I’m entering our 2 labs into the Dock Dogs competition in Ft. Wayne, IN this March and I’d like to buy a Black Gold shirt to wear at the event. Everybody says our dogs have beautiful coats and look very’s because of what we feed them........Black Gold. Lesley Downing Peru, IN
Thank you for your high quality product. I started using the Black Gold brand in 2002 and your dog food is the best. I have seen my dogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, coat and weight in the best shape ever. In 2006 I relocated and had trouble finding a dealer for the Black Gold so I switched to an alternate brand, wished I didn’t. I have found a dealer since then and my dogs are back to having a healthy coat and weight again. Thank you so much and keep up the good work. Karen Rawson Double K Bernese
Hi all, I have been using your product for around 6 months now. I use the black bag. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product. I love the fact that it is completely made in the USA, but my dogs have done very well on it. Please continue to make the best food around. Take Care. Sincerely, Zach Sizer Phoenix, AZ
Hello, I just wanted to share with you about my experience with your food. We have been feeding a top name brand food for many years. I show and breed English Mastiff’s. Someone had told me about your food and that I should try it. It was very hard for me to change foods but since my dogs stools have always been a little soft I thought I would take the chance. They have been eating the Performance Blend for 3 weeks now, Wow... I really can’t believe how good their stools are, firm, dark and small!! Their coats look great and they are all happy! I can’t thank you enough for making a great product! Amy J. Bowlin, President - Oregon Coast Kennel Club
Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I started feeding your dog food to my Lab about two weeks ago and I can already see the difference in her. She is shiny, happy, and healthy. I was feeding her the high end grocery store brands and I had a hard time keeping weight on her after she gave birth to 11 pups. She is looking 100% better now and she is happier. I am just getting in to the dog breeding business and I am definitely going to exclusively feed Black Gold to all of my dogs. I have recommended you to at least 5 people since buying the food. I am also going to send puppy packs home with all of my puppy buyers. I hope they continue to feed Black Gold. Thanks for providing a high quality dog food that is still affordable. Christa McCoy McCoy Labradors
We started using BLACK GOLD in March of this year from a Bully Bash in Tallahassee. We finally found a store that was about 45 minutes one way for us to drive. But let me tell you it was the best thing for us to do for our dogs. We have seen nothing but results out of this food. We were using a premium dog food and still had trouble with the weight that was not going on one of our males. Since the BLACK GOLD he keeps up muscle and weight like he should. When we were able to get the food local we had a female who was in the early stages of pregnancy. Again thanks to BLACK GOLD we had some of the best looking little bullies that we could have asked for. We tell everyone about this food. Even the ones that we have sold other puppies to. Dog Forte is amazing also. Our dogs love it and they have much better look when they are on it. Thanks for all the wonderful work that you have put into making the BEST dog food we could feed. Thank you Eric and Brenda Black Label Kennels Central Florida
I just wanted to say thank you for making a superior dog food....Charles Rice, Wickliffe, KY
My 3 year old redbone bitch gave birth to 11 pups. I had her on the Premium Puppy for the last two weeks of gestation (Black bag before that) and now during whelping. I have never had a momma dog produce so much milk. She is not pulling down on weight and she is producing milk. She is going out to the kennel today and my Dog Forte came in so she will be on that to promote drinking during the hot spells down here in SW GA. Thanks for GREAT Products. Beau Sherman
hi I have used your Performance Blend on my coon hounds for 2 years I love feeding my dogs your products and the dog look great hunt great and are all very healthy, but I have adopted 2 kittens around 10 weeks old and wanting to know if you have a kitten food, or a food that I can feed these bouncing bundles.. You make great products and keep up the great work
Hello Two Months Ago My Feed Store Started To Sell Black Gold. So since it was available I Started feeding it to My Dogs. I have seen a Big Change in the Dogs! I Just Love It.   So Jah Bless Everyone Who Put Their Hand In To Make This Dog Food For Dog Lovers!!!! Derek in Georgia
Hello-I just wanted to tell you how impressed we are with your food. We have long been searching for a food that was both nutritional and economical. We have 11 bird dogs consisting of Llewellyn Setters, English Cockers and German Shorthairs. It was difficult finding one food they would all eat and be healthy. As guides our dogs are very active and during the winter months. It is normally hard to keep weight on them. This season we switched to your food and were amazed. They all devoured it. They maintained a very healthy weight and performed better in the field. The kennels also became easier to clean. We are now your biggest fans and recommend you to all our other friends. Thanks for such a great food!! Wendi & Chris Paul Luling, TX
John and Don, You not only turn out a good dog food, you have a top-notch website. I don’t run hounds anymore, but we have all the sizes covered, from our two Yorkies, through my Blue Heeler to my 140 pound Newfoundland. You may be interested to know, my dad was Cletis Stark. He used to hit the bench & field trials with your dad, years ago. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep throwing your dog food to my dogs. David E. Stark
 We have heard so much about you! Our ma gave us some sample food you sent home with her and we love it!!! Thank you, Thank you! I don’t even think we go to the bathroom as much which is great since it is so cold outside these days. So I was talking to Kayla, my sister, and we want to order about 6 bags so that my ma doesn’t have to go that far all the time to get it. Let us know! Thanks for this info...... Luv, from the dogs Summer & Kayla
I just wanted to let you know from our own experience that we love the Black Gold and we had the same thing happen to us as another customer. Our dog was starting to get a little scroungy on the back end. Her hair was starting to fall out. We put her on the Black Gold and within 4 weeks her hair fully grew back and her coat as well as our other dogs are so shiny and thick. They seem like they have more energy than before. I am a true believer in this product. Thanks again! Bridget Kosinski the Hay Barn
John thank you I have to say you have an excellent dog food product and you run a top rate company and will continue to help sell Black Gold products because I believe it to be the best feed available for my hounds on the market today, again thanks for your help. Thanks Anthony Ethridge
Even though I live on a limited budget, one of my first things to buy is Black Gold dog food for my two dogs. I love seeing their improved coat, activity level, and appetites. Thank you for providing a dog food that’s healthy, organic, and without all the filler by-products. Lauren Morris (and Daisy & Chloe) Aiken SC
We love what you do for us! Manufacturing blends that go above and beyond when it comes to satisfying “our dogs”...Prior to whelping Sue Hancock advised that we add Dog Forte’ to our mama dog’s water or food. By making this simple addition Zoey maintained her stamina and was never short of milk for her litter of ten puppies. Now that the pups are eating we make sure to sprinkle a little into each batch at feeding time. This is an awesome product and we look forward to letting our customers know all about Dog Forte’. Mark and Correen Klouda Woodland, WA Distributors
I have 3 beagles that love your product. Every now and then I have tried other dog food but every time I come back to your feed because I can tell such a big difference in the look of my dogs. Their coats are much shinier and softer and they just look healthier overall. I will only feed Black Gold from now on. Kim Flood-Hurley, MO
I just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed (well rather my 5 cats) the blended cat food. It was first brought to my attention while I was at a Home and Garden show. I brought some samples of the cat food and the dog food home. I was surprised when my cats, that are very picky, ate it and then was not happy that there wasn’t anymore. So I bought a 20 pound bag to try, and ever since I have bought nothing but that for them. I can’t believe how much of a difference the food has been. They use to have flakey skin (looked like they had dandruff) and it was very apparent on my black cat. Since they have had nothing but the Black Gold, they no longer have any skin issues, they don’t eat as much, and the litter boxes don’t smell like they did, less cleaning, even when I cleaned them twice a day. I am a lifetime customer! Thank you for a wonderful product!!!  Sincerely, Ruby F. Thompson
We breed Border Collies in Northeast Texas, and over the years we have tried all brands and types of dog food. From N,to S,to P, then I, and even D... finally we find that Black Gold dog food is the best for our dogs. We have experienced problems in the past with illness after eating, shedding, rapid weight gain, and rapid weight loss just to name a few. Since switching to Black Gold in late 2004, we have had none of those problems. Our dogs’ coats are spectacular, they don’t shed more than average, and no one gorges or refuses to eat. It seems Black Gold Premium dog food has found the perfect formula for our dogs and their active lifestyle. Thank you Black Gold! Claudia Wheeler, About Ewe Border Collies, Dogs are not our WHOLE life, but they make our lives Whole!
To Whom it May Concern: I only wish I had a picture of what my dog looked like before we started her on Black Gold High Energy. Doodle is an 11 year old Jack Russell Terrier. She had no hair around her tail and between her hind legs. We have spent a lot of time and money trying to CURE a flea allergy. She smelled so bad, dug and gnawed 24 hours a day. Her back around her tail was horrible looking, only love kept us from putting her to sleep from the misery. We were told this was a flea allergy. I tried every kind of flea drops, shampoos. Aloe gel, you can only imagine how I felt just coming to the conclusion that she was going to have to be put down on account of a skin condition, and being financially in a bind only saved her this last time. Then I went to the feed store…..I had heard about Black Gold dog food from a friend of mine about 5 years ago, never ran across any. I went to the feed store and saw a display and decided I would give Doodle a stay of execution buy a bag, it has been an absolute miracle. Within days of starting her on the blue bag , we picked it on account of all the oils and stuff it had in it, she started growing hair, loved it. The digging stopped, and the gnawing. Before she would let her dry food sit till we threw it out to the birds. She eats her Black Gold every day. I couldn’t tell you how this has made me feel. She gets up every day, wants to play ball, runs plays, is the Doodle Dog we knew and loved. Doodle’s coat is shiny and even her dappling spots show up now. Believe me when I tell you, Black Gold Dog Food was Heaven sent; it saved my dogs life, literally. Sincerely Yours, Betsy Marsee & Doodle Middlesboro KY
Hey everybody at Black Gold, I was just checking out your site because my mom’s cat is now on regular cat food and I wanted to see if you offered a feline food that is as great as your dog food. Sure enough you do and she loves it! I started feeding my 3 year old Lab your food about two years ago. After almost a year of picky eating, my Lab Halle finally decided Black Gold Ultimate Premium Performance dog food was for her. She is a working ranch/ bird dog that demands a high quality food for her active lifestyle. Your products have proven great results and even better she loves the taste! I am so pleased with your product that I personally pick up your dog food by the pallet to store at home and I recently started my sisters Beagle puppy on your puppy line of food. Thanks for offering such a great product! Thanks again! Adam Cook Saratoga, CA
To Whom It May Concern: I want to let you know that I have been feeding Black Gold to my foxhounds for over two years. It is truly the best dog food I have fed to my dogs. There are many brands to choose from, but Black Gold by far is simply the very best. Thank you for your wonderful product. Tom Pankey, Hog Branch Kennel Holden LA.
Dear Black Gold I have just brought my mix breed Boxer/German Shepherd puppy a bag of your 26/18 Performance Blend and let me tell you that both of us is very very pleased with your product. The first thing that I immediately noticed when I opened up the bag was the smell. The food didn’t smell like corn like her other food, but of meat. When I placed her bowl down she immediately started to eat. This is a puppy that doesn’t care for plain dry food and I couldn’t believe my eyes that she was eating her food without canned meat added to it. Thank you so much for making a wonderful product. The store that I got it from says that people have been feeding their dogs on this diet and is giving you a very good name. Keep up the good work. Pamela Denise Newkirk Elizabethtown, NC
Hello I just wanted to drop you people a line and thank you for doing such a good job producing a top quality dog food. With all that has went on with another dog food it sure makes me feel confident that I have chosen the right dog food for my dogs. I am able to buy Black Gold from a friend Brent Bissel who is a swell person. I am very fussy about the dog food I feed and Black Gold is what I count on every day. Thanks for a job well done. Sincerely Loyd Frisbie
Black Gold, thanks for making a great dog food. I raise and train beagles for hunting and field trials and along with a couple buddies have been using your food for around 3 years. We have fed the black and now feed the silver; the dogs always seem to do well. They have endless hunt and desire and have done well in field trials. The dogs usually get run at least 3-4 times a week. I am trying to decide if I should switch from the silver and try the Signature Series Ultimate Performance (can you tell me what the Kcal/cup is) or one of the others. We went with the silver to get them the higher fat, but not the higher protein (I had one dog that seemed to get hot on the black). I want to feed the dogs what is best for them and what they will get the most use out of. Please do everything you can to make sure Black Gold doesn’t have a problem like another dog food is having. Thanks again, Bryan Bush, Ohio.
First off, I want to thank you for your great feed. All of my dogs have been raised on it since   they were 8 weeks old, and couldn’t be healthier or happier. Thanks! Ben Bertke
Hi I just wanted to commend you on your dog food and I want to say thanks for having Black Gold on the market. I have been feeding it to my Rottweiler’s for about two years now. I start each litter off with your dog food, for the price and size of the bag it is a bargain. And my rotts really go down on the food with no problem they are more active now along with being healthier too. Just thanks again for your dog food Jim
Dear Black Gold I have just started to feed my two labs your Performance Blend dog food and I like everything I seen My 8 yr. old lab has more energy than he has had for about 2 yrs. My 1.5 yr. lab is also doing well with this food and I can’t wait to see what he does this fall hunting and in field trails. I have one person buy a bag because he had read about your product in some of his hound magazines, not sure what magazine it was but your ad worked. My Uncle who lives in Georgia was visiting and when he saw those bags in my Garage he said he and my aunt feed that to all of their Black and Tan, beagles and wiener dog that they raise and they love it. Ron Davis, Davis Outdoor Gear, Spencer OH
Just bought and fed my first bag of Premium - very impressed so bought a second bag- great feed! David Gentry, Saluda, SC
I have been buying Black Gold Black Bag for about 3 years now and I really like it. My dogs look better than they ever have; slick and pretty, and they have enough energy to go all day. And best of all, they like to eat it. Thanks, Ronney Ford, Ashland MS
Last week my dad went to Sam’s to buy some popular brand feed (we were going to make a slow transition from that one to Black Gold) but they wouldn’t let him in because the store hadn’t opened yet. He got back in his truck and drove to Ashford, AL and bought 20 bags of Black Gold. I guess the dogs will have to adjust a little quicker. Thanks Again, Heath Howell
Thought you might be interested, we just adopted a 2 year old setter, Dewey, from ACES. He turned up his nose at another popular brand, after two days I made the 200+mile round trip to the foster to get some Black Gold. I carried the other popular brand with me that the foster used a small portion to mix into his Black Gold - his dogs picked out and ate the popular brand- Dewey stood firm - your product, Black Gold all the way, no popular brand. One of the people in our office used to be a manager at AKC; she had never heard of Black Gold but was highly amused by Dewey’s behavior. I told my wife, looks like a good addition to the family, knows what he wants and wants only the best. John Wilson
My husband and I have a coon hound training facility located in Ridge Spring, SC. We only feed Black Gold dog food. We love your feed. (I also have a “Mexican coon hound” that stays in the house that loves it too!) Thanks for the great looking dogs in our kennel! Mike and Cleo Moore South Fork Kennel Ridge Spring, SC
My name is Jan, and I raise Standard Poodles which I feed ONLY Black Gold. I am very pleased with your dog and puppy food. I recommend that all of my buyers purchase a bag of your puppy formula for their new puppy. I have tried many dog food formulas and brands in the past and now that I have found and been using Black Gold (in the black bag for my adult poodles), I will continue to use and recommend your product for many years to come. Thank you for such a great dog food.
Hello I’m a rabbit and coon hunter, and I just started feeding your 26/18 Performance Blend a few months back and I love it and both my beagles and red bones love it. So keep up the good work. Thanks for the great dog food Dustin, Maynardville, TN
I just wanted to say that until we visited the breeder to take a look at their pups (boxer) I had never heard of your feed. This breeder had several bags of Black Gold stacked up there outside the kennels. Our boxer pup had a checkup at the vets last night and she is a beautiful and very healthy and takes to her Black Gold Puppy Feed as if there was no tomorrow. The vet asked us what we were feeding her and she said that she was very impressed with her build and when she looked at your internet site she too was impressed with the content of the feed.
As you can tell we are very proud of our Boxer pup and she has taken to our Chocolate Lab (Molly) as if she were her own mother. My point is this, after reading your website and speaking to our Indiana State Distributor it was apparent that we should get our Lab on your feed too. We put our 7yr old Chocolate Lab on it and she too loves her new Black Gold Feed. We were concerned that she was going to be a bit slow to change, nothing of the sort!
Thank you for all of your hard work and thank you for taking the time to create a blend that works for our extended family...they have all taken to the Black Gold and we feel very comfortable with the overall results. Thank you all and keep up the awesome job! Respectfully, Christopher (Wolf) Holmes Miami Indians of Indiana
I recently started selling Black Gold dog food after meeting you and talking to you at the Cincinnati Sports Show. I purchased one ton of food, and I am very happy with the success I am having so far. I have been raising a litter of pups on the new Black Gold Ultimate Puppy Food. At 12 weeks old, they are the healthiest looking beagle puppies I have ever seen. Also, thanks for all Black Gold does for the Lone Star Beagle Association. Ron Hutchison, Secy/Treas Orange, TX
I switched to your food in January 2004 and have been really pleased in the differences I see between your food and the product I was feed previously. I raise and hunt English Setters. Your food gives the dogs energy without over hyping them with low volume cleanup. Another factor I have seen is the improvement in the development of lean muscle mass since beginning a feeding program with your feed. Have started the Signature Series Performance as I get into training season on 2 dogs and have a 12 year old on the Black Bag. Since beginning your food the vet says she is in top condition! I’m so pleased that I am starting to deal the food and look forward to working with Black Gold in the future as my business grows. Thanks, Greg Morgan Topeka, KS
I have been feeding my 3 dogs Black Gold dog food for about 5 months. I am so amazed at how well their coats look and one of my dogs is a finicky eater and I put Black Gold in front of her and she devoured it instantly. That right there was a major selling point for me, finding a food that she will eat and continue to eat day after day is not easy to find for her. My other 2 dogs are black labs; since they have been on Black Gold they have beautiful coats healthy bright eyes and tons of energy. When I take my dogs for a walk I get stopped often by people that say your dogs are so pretty and their next question is what do you feed them. One on my labs loves to run next to the 4-wheeler before eating this food he would tire out really quick, on Black Gold he ran and ran we kept stopping the 4-wheeler thinking he wanted to ride as he was tired but he refused to ride. I took one look at my husband and said its gotta be the dog food!! I am so glad I found this dog food because with three dogs my back yard has a lot less piles in it to clean up. I am also very surprised at the price. Most dog foods that claim they have all the nutrition a dog needs are so high priced. I really appreciate the fact that Black Gold packs all the nutrition my dogs need at an affordable price. I will never feed my dogs another brand of dog food. Sincerely, Desiree Thornton.
I would like to take this time, to write you this letter on behalf of your product. Black Gold dog food is the best I have ever seen. In the past, I have used other brand dog foods. By using your product, my coon dogs perform more, look great, and eat less. It is so unbelievable that a dog can eat so little and be so healthy. The waste is another thing that is so wonderful, instead of cleaning my kennels every day; I only have to clean, every other day. Thanks, and do not stop making Black Gold...Rex A. Baggett
I have just recently purchased Black Gold Trainers Blend for my dogs. I am raising Basset Hounds and Dachshunds. They are doing wonderful with it and I am totally pleased! It is also priced right and I love that. I plan on using Black Gold from now on. Thank you so much for a good food at a good price Beth Jones
Dear Black Gold, I’m just writing to let you know that I switched back to Black Gold about a month ago. I had switched to another brand back in May 2003. Well, someone at Black Gold told me I would be back, and they were right. There is no comparison to Black Gold and how my Beagles perform when I’m feeding it. I called the dealer the other day to pick up a ton. If you don’t mind I would like to add the Black Gold emblem back to my web site. Keep up the good work! Paul Prevot B.T.A.K. Kennels Home of: Dual Grand Champion Talkabout RJ
Hi  I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the help and support for our Chapter Banquet we had April 3, 2004. Sue Hancock and Black Gold Dog Food were a big part of our event. Sue was great to work with and has proven to be a strong supporter Of Pheasants Forever in this area. Sue has donated and attended at least three Banquets and is a Great Representative for Black Gold Dog Food. I have a three year old Lab. Sadie who has been eating Black Gold for the past six months and I am very happy with her fitness and the improvement in her coat since I changed to Black Gold. Thanks again to Sue, keep up the good work. Jeff Walsh member The Southwest Washington Chapter of Pheasants Forever.
Hey guys just wanted to say that I really like the results of your dog food. I keep 6 to 12 beagles on a regular basis. I had been feeding other national brand and I was introduced to Black Gold through a beagle club member who sells it. I find less of a mess now that they are on Black Gold and have lots of energy. I also have started my pups on it and had no need for puppy chow. They ate well and kept good weight on. Just wanted to say thanks for a good product. Chad M. Bourgeois Raceland LA.
Just wanted to let you know, your dog food is fantastic!! Our Shepherd/Pit Mix was really having an itching problem; it was not fleas, or any skin condition. We discovered she was allergic to red food color after making the mistake of buying some of the moist packet food for her because she wasn’t eating her previous food. Sue & Dave Hancock were at our local home show giving out samples and brochures, our picky dog loved the food, so I called them for more. Now our dog is doing great! No itching, her coat is beautiful and she doesn’t smell! I tell everyone I run into that has a dog, what great food you have. I will be getting Cat Food next. Could you tell me which of the three is best for getting the weight off? Thanks again for the great dog food. I will NEVER change again. Pat Day, Kelso, WA
After two weeks of feeding your product I thought that I would write a small testimonial myself. I run cats with Running Walkers in south Texas. On the average, I hunt five days a week and sometimes more. Needless to say my hounds need a feed that will keep them strong and full of energy. After feeding BLACK GOLD for just two weeks I notice the hounds have much more energy as well as stamina. They run faster, work harder, and look better than they have in a very long time. I just thought the old feed I was using was good. There is no comparison. Thank you for all you have done for my hounds and everyone else’s that uses your feed. Dan Braman, Refugio, Texas
Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your product. Our 9 year old Lab, Jack has been on your food for about three months now and acts like a new dog. He was starting to show his age, but this new diet has totally rejuvenated him. Our 3 year old Walker hound, Peaches is the same way. The food has really brought out the best in them. Their coats are shiny and their tails are wagging. Thank You for your quality dog food. Sincerely, Amanda Garnett, GA
Hi my name is Todd Palmer I raise rat terriers and just started to feed Black Gold and they love it thanks a lot!
We own an 11 year old Walker coon hound that we thought was retired. We started feeding him Black Gold Dog Food and he is hunting like he is 6 years old. A week ago Friday night, he took 1st place in the UKC Missouri state night hunt. He is now qualified for the Governor’s Cup and the World Hunt. We believe that it is all because of the Black Gold Dog Food. Mark Woolley
I wanted to email to let you know that I have used Black Gold on my Great Danes and have been so impressed with it. I am currently getting my dog food from a supplier Fox Run Kennels in Quamba, MN. We are so impressed with the products that we tell all our contacts to get into using Black Gold. I raised Pomeranians for years and when quit my daughter got us into the big dogs. I don’t show in a ring but I have quality Great Danes and now have pups in other states. Thanks, Bruce and Bonnie MN
I say “God Bless You All” at Black Gold. God Bless, Chris Williams, Home of the Old Fashioned Redbone Hounds
HI may I start by saying that I really like your dog food. I have seen a tremendous change in my dog level of activity and the quality of their coats. They seem to just gleam. I have seen less waste and use less dog food. That a plus for me. Even in my pups I have seen a get change in there level of playfulness and energy. Thanks Shane Ervin Southern Man’s Kennel
I would like to take this time to especially thank you for all that you have done to get us Black Gold Dog Food donated for the benefit hunt coming up Saturday. We feel like it is people like you that help out others that will make this Saturday a great success. We appreciate all that you have done! Sincerely, Lynn Edwards, Bushnell, FL
I own an American Pit Bull Terrier kennel. I started feeding my dogs Black Gold about 3 months ago. One of my females had a litter of puppies 2 days ago. She looks the best I have ever seen a female look after having a litter. Thanks for the great dog food! Rave Kennels
I was introduced to your product about 2 months ago and started my 6 year old Lab and 5 year old Shorthair on it. The results have been outstanding, not only has my Lab lost his winter fat, his coat has never looked better, nor has he looked this fit in a few years. I have been telling my associates that I run my dogs with about this every chance I get. I would like to request a catalog with shirts, hats, and accessories if available, to show some of the skeptics that I am a firm believer in Black Gold. Keep up the good work. Dave Henderson, UT
I have been feeding Black Gold to my redbones for a few years, and we love it. But just recently (9-10 months) we have switched to it for our American Pit Bull Terriers. I will never feed them anything else!! We use the Black bag for all stages of their life and they look good, condition easy and don’t blow hot when we hunt hogs!!! I’ll be trying the silver bag on a couple dogs that I’m showing this yr. as the judges want them lean and ripped. We will let you know how that goes. Any way just wanted to say thank you for making such a great product!!!! Yours truly, William Jones, AMERICAN PRIDE KENNEL’S
Dear Sirs, I have been feeding your Black Gold Performance and Puppy Food for about 9 months now and am very satisfied with the food and the services of distributor Windy Miller out of Floresville. I maintain a show kennel of both 13” and 15” beagles and a few basset hounds and find that the Performance keeps all dogs in great condition and weight. I currently own the 2001 #6 13” Beagle, Ch. Yankee Boy Platina Lyla, a Japanese import who is fed Black Gold exclusively while at home. She was on this food from approximately mid-May until early Dec. of last year and was in better condition and coat than she was when she was with her handler the first part of the year. In December, her new handler pronounced her in the best physical condition he had ever seen her and she received an Award of Merit at the prestigious AKC Invitational Classic in Orlando, FL. I am more than happy to recommend your food in our ads in Dog News this year. Janelle Holmes, Wildair Kennels, Dripping Springs, Texas
Hi There! We just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much we love Black Gold dog food. We buy our Black Gold to feed to our foxhounds for quite some time now and they won’t eat anything else. Recently we added two kittens to our household and thought it would be a good idea to feed Black Gold Blended Cat to them. They thought it was a pretty good idea too, Matt Leach & Beth Gonnella, Fulltilt Kennels, Hettick IL
Major Complaint! Our cats ripped open three Black Gold Cat Food bags last night in the warehouse. We can’t afford to keep it if it’s that good! Belinda -MO.
I have three treeing walkers and I have fed them Black Gold for six months. They seem to like it more than any other food I have ever fed them. Keep on making the wonderful dog food.
I have started feeding my coonhounds Black Gold 26-18. They have hunted deeper and harder than ever before. Rose is letting her pups nurse better now that I started feeding your dog food. Thank you for making such a good dog food. My coonhounds love it. My little pups like it too. As long as you make it I will keep feeding it. Cody Crockett
What a treat for our cats! Thanks so much for your support...Mary Sheppard, Cleveland County Humane Society, Inc. Shelby NC.
I advertise two stud dogs that are super stakes sires. Both are reproducing winners in the major hunts. I was at a club hunt a few years back and won a couple of bags of your feed. My dogs ate it better than any feed I have ever fed before. David Minson — Vinita, OK
I fed another dog feed in the past. I sent a dog out to a training kennel. While at the training kennel my dog was switched over to Black Gold. When I went to pick my dog up I almost didn’t know him, he had muscled up from the Black Gold. I switched all 5 of my dogs to Black Gold. I have cut my feed cost at least in half. I feed less and have much less clean up in the kennel. Keep up the good work. Kevin Daugherty - Boonfield, IL
My friend had been feeding her dogs Black Gold. She had a dog at the dog show that she bought from me earlier and now he looks SUPER. The number of stools has also decreased. Jamia McGuire — Butler, MO
My wife Sherri is a professional dog groomer who works in a large veterinarian hospital (four full-time Vets, grooming shop, and boarding kennel). We breed, train, and compete with retrievers in hunt tests (UKC and AKC), obedience trials, and now also agility competitions. Last week, for the second month in a row, we had to drive two hours to Grand Ridge, IL and two hours back just to feed it. But this time we picked up a couple extra bags. One bag was given to one of the veterinarians my wife works with and who is her best Mend. She breeds and owns Great Danes for dog show competitions. She is now impressed with your food. And she has lots of Mends who also have Great Danes. The other bag was given to another retriever friend of ours. He is now ready to start selling Black Gold in the Chicago land area for you, if the logistics can be worked out with your IL distributor. Kevin Walker,  AMIABLE LABRADORS, Wheaton, IL.
We recently bought Black Gold Dog Food to try. Our dogs love the food and seem not to get enough of it. Anonymous
Thanks for a great product. Mark Southern - KY
I am very pleased with your line of dog food and am proud to be feeding my Black & Tans such a balanced and nutritional feed with excellent results. Wayne Wilson - TX
I have been using Black Gold for about 1 year. I believe it is the best dog food available. Tommy Steeves - NC
I have been using this feed and I am really impressed with the results. Samuel Rowell — Monroeville, AL
One of my customers from Arizona flew to Utah to pick up 3 bags of 26/18 and flew it back home with her. I asked her if 3 bags were enough to keep her going. She said 3 bags were all the airline would allow her to carry on without going air cargo. If this is not testimony enough that our product is the best I don’t know what is. John Evans-UT
I have talked to a number of different folks in the Arkansas area about Black Gold and they all had the same reply “TRY IT”. So I did. I saw an increase in performance and weight retention which are the primary goals for the working dog. Joe Walker - VA
My puppy really enjoys his food. GREAT work on the product!!! U!! Black Gold Supporter
My husband uses Black Gold and he likes it real well. Tigger
I am a breeder of Labrador Retrievers. Last summer I met a distributor at a hunt and decided to give your product a try. I took home a couple of bags of Performance Blend, and after three weeks I ended up wasting half a bag of another brand of food. My dogs have never looked or performed any better. And for my brood bitches your product is amazing. Just weeks after weaning my litters, the mothers look great. Thanks for assisting me in producing quality Labs, and especially thanks for the extra cash I save. You can count on my endorsement to all my customers. Craig War - UT
I have worked for a vet for 10 years. My dog had a very serious accident that almost took his life. I tried numerous dog foods, including vet foods, to get his weight back on and nothing worked except your food. Christy Kelley — Tuscaloosa, AL
The food I had used for years became unavailable. I asked my dealer to find me ANY thing that did not have soy. He came up with your product within two weeks and I have been using it ever since. You would not believe how well they did. My ear cropper commented on the fantastic condition as well as the high quality of my litter. One other thing “Never change your food”. Grown dogs, dogs in competition, puppies, everybody looks wonderful, good weight, excellent coat, good activity level without being “Hyped”. Some “Performance” foods seem to give the equivalent of a “Sugar High” in humans. Yours does not. God bless someone who looks to quality for the dogs and not price for the company. A very satisfied customer! Betty Muller
I field trial foxhounds quite a bit. I started using Black Gold 2 weeks ago. So far I like what I see; these doggies are muscled up and looking good. Good job folks. Michael Beach — Virginia Beach, VA
I have been using your feed for one month now and I mean nothing compares to Black Gold. My dogs look a lot healthier and are putting on size as well as muscle and they are hunting better than ever. Keep up the good work and I am forever thankful for Black Gold. Gary Mims, Jr.
Our dogs look and perform great with this food. Valerie Smith
I have used your Black Gold Dog Food for two hunting seasons and I must say it is the best feed I have ever found. I have been feeding hounds since 1972 on my own and before that with my Dad. The quality of your product is unbelievable! 1 clean my kennel runs once a week plus I feed less than other feeds to receive the same nutrient value. Bruce Miller , Oakwood. OH
I have been feeding Black Gold Feed for 1 year and love it!
I have owned hounds over thirty years and am sure glad that I have the opportunity to purchase a feed like Black Gold. My coonhounds and squirrel dogs all get Black Gold. A person doesn’t really know how good this feed is until they give it a fair chance. Keep up the good work with your superior product Black Gold. Lloyd Frisbie — Vestaburg, Ml


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