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Satisfied Black Gold Dog Food Customers

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Black Gold Labradors of Utah would like to welcome you. Our dogs are great
Companion dogs that love Black Gold Dog Food. Rich Carman Black Gold Labradors

Our officers love Black Gold!

Hi wanted to let you know, that I have fed your Ultimate Adult dog food for over a year. This year my dog Ruffwinds Riddock of DigEmOut won at the JRTCA Nationals in Gettysberg, PA in October 2010 He was: First in Over Rough/Broken Males Best Open Dog Best Open Terrier Attached is his picture with all of his winnings. Thank You Janon Frei

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I appreciate you and Black Gold Dog Feed. I like Black Gold better than any feed that I have ever fed! All of our dogs want to thank you too. From our Gr NT Ch. to our newborn pups they all seem to excel on Black Gold! Slugger III made Gr Nt Ch. at 9 mo. old while performing on Black Gold. He is the youngest dog EVER to make Gr Nt Ch. I also want to thank Black Gold for being such a great sponsor to the WHOLE COONHUNTING WORLD!!! Donnie Huber

Mary Joe and Hunter 11/15/2010
My name is Jodie Allen and I live in Tallahassee, FL with my husband and two daughters. My youngest daughter, Mary Joe, has severe epilepsy, which causes her to have 3-5 seizures a day. At this time, the medications she is on are not controlling the seizures the way the doctors would like. Because of these seizures, she now wears a protective helmet at all times except when she sleeps and bathes. It was suggested that she get a service dog that could help her and alert others when she is having a seizure. We have been looking for a company that trains seizure support service dogs for several months when we happen to find ABS Service Dogs in Orlando, Florida. We contacted them and scheduled a time to go and see the dogs and meet the trainers in October 2010 hoping that they would have a match for our little Mary Joe. We met some wonderful people and some amazing dogs! After our meeting, we needed to discuss the cost to receive a trained service dog from them. Once we got the pricing information, we began our fundraising efforts immediately. With the help of the Black Gold Premium Dog Food Company and their generosity to donate 5 bags of premium dog food for a raffle, we have put together a benefit to help raise the money for Mary Joeís Service Dog. We are a long way from being done raising money, we need to raise the money to pay for the Service Dog, and then have money for vet expenses, medications, if needed, dog food, a special harness that will make it easy for her to handle him properly, collars, training supplies and the list goes on. We are very thankful to the Black Gold Premium Dog Food Company for helping us achieve our goal and I know that Mary Joe and her Service Dog are thankful too.
So John, Thank you and the Black Gold Premium Dog Food Company for helping us in our fundraising efforts for our little Mary Joe and her Seizure Support Service Dog. Ashley's Feed Store in Tallahassee has been where we have always bought our food for our dogs, chickens etc. and I am so pleased that the food we have always fed our dogs has decided to help us as well. Your company has a great quality food as well as employees :)

Hello! Here is a photo of 1 of my Walker pups. After using Black Gold for 1 month 2 days. I used to use a xx xxx and xxxxxx mix. It just could not cut the mustard. After a friend introduced this feed to me. I tried it and after a week of using it I seen a change not only in size. But the slick shiny coat and more energy in my Pups in the Training. Now when anyone asks me how do you keep your hounds in perfect shape. I just say BLACK GOLD! Thatís all they need to know. I recently got a couple friends and family members using Black Gold with their chows and they are impressed and are still using it now for about 3 weeks. They love it... I will tell others as well. This feed deserves all the honest good credit it gets...
God Bless!

I just wanted to send a note of thanks for the great product you put to market. I've used your Performance Blend for years (Fox Feeds in Mooresville, IN) and think it is the best dog food on the market. And now I'm starting my new pup on the Ultimate Pup. I guide upland hunts in Indiana with my English Pointer, Rock Point Chief Cotton (Cotton), and my German Wirehaired Pointer, TNT Master Duke (Duke). The pup is the most recent son of Cotton, Rock Point Elhew Rock (Rock). Once again, I (and my dogs) love your dog food. Attached are a few pics of the dogs at a recent hunt and the pup pointing the wing at 9 weeks old! Larry Owen High Cotton Guide Service

This is (L and L Guns N Roses V Kayara) better known as "Axle.Ē L and L Rottweiler owner is Lois Boling of Knoxville, Tn. How proud we are to say Axle only eats Black Gold Dog Food. Thank you Lois!

I lloovvee this dog food this item should replace all dog food on every self in every store around the world. I have a lot of cash invested into my dogs and it matters to me that they get good quality care and food. Iím very thankful that I found my home here at Black Gold Pet Foods Inc. Thanks again. Bill Slavik CEO Rockme Bullies Elite Edge

Thanks for your Ultimate Puppy and Performance Blends, our Vizslas have done outstanding. Bobby Swymeler Quail Ridge Vizsla

I just wanted to say thank you. I have two boxers one is 10 and the other 3. I have tried about 4 different brand name foods from the pet stores to ease there digestive issues. Nothing has worked, until I was told about Black Gold ultimate adult. I bought a bag two days ago and already they are having normal movements and seem happier. I have already told many people about this and they too are jumping on the Black Gold train! Thank you so much I will be a customer for life! -Jen

John, Here is a picture of my pup Tank. I just wanted you to see how well he looks on your dog food. He has been eating the 21% since he was 3 weeks old. He is pictured with his Dam. She is around 34 inches at the shoulder and 135lbs. He weighed in at 62lbs at 4 months and now he is just a little over 5 Months old and almost as tall as Lil Bit. Also sent pic of Lil Bit, as you can see she looks quite healthy, thanks lots deb

ďOshieĒ. He is our Braque Du Bourbonnais (multi-purpose bird hunting breed) from Tucson, AZ who loves Black Gold's Ultimate Performance dog food. Thank You Tom and Patty Lowery
Mr. Allen please find receipts for 90 bags of black. We are adding "WE FEED BLACK GOLD" to our kennel sign if we have permission. We operate a boarding kennel and have 6 hunting dogs of our own (3 pointers and 3 labs, plus 4 pet dogs). We plan to double the boarding kennel size and breed, train and sell hunting dogs full time in about a year. Presently we feed about 240 bags of black, Black Gold a year, purchasing 80 - 100 bags at a time, which will increase upon expansion. We are fanatic about dogs and Black Gold. Over the past 45 years of owning hunting dogs and now with the kennel, we are amazed how the switch to Black Gold has affected the performance, coat, muscle development, energy, kennel cleanliness and general health of our hunting dogs and even the effect it has on boarded dogs, when told by owners that their dogs wonít eat when boarded and have loose stools. In just a few feedings that all changes. Thanks for a great product. Thanks, Hoosier Kennels David Resenbeck Ft. Branch, IN

Hi, this is GR CH PR BIG SODDY'S BLUE PEARL she is heavy JET breed. Yesterday she won both the hunt and the show - RQE #65 hunt in Birchwood, TN with 400 + points. And before the hunt, she won the Champion Female Group on the bench, which automatically qualified her for the World Bench Show. She LOVES Black Gold. I'm Mathew Laymon, 18 and a senior at Sequoyah High School in Soddy Daisy, TN. GR CH PR Big Soddy's Blue Pearl X CH. PR. Big Soddy's Blue Jade Proud Users of Black Gold Dog Food Keep 'em True & Keep 'em Blue

This is one of my boys that I imported in from Belgium a few years back. He works as a Guard Dog & LOVES Black Gold Dog Food! We put on many seminars every year on guard dog training. Stephen Starlight Kennels

AA Kennels, owned by John Allen Vienna MO, Darkman, and the 2009 National Foxhound Champion is a 100% Ultimate Signature Series Hound. He is a beautiful foxhound.

Here is a picture of Steve Waller, owner of Cabin Creek Kennels, his dogs are working machines, and he feeds nothing but Black Gold.

Hi, my name is Angelika Seiber and I feed my American Bulldogs & their puppies Black Gold premium dog food since 2006. The feed has made the difference in my American Bulldogs skin, coat, & muscle growth. Take Care & have a great day! Sincerely, Angelika Seiber

I breed APBT show dogs and I Black Gold Is all I use. Please view our dogs also to see the outcome of your product. I feed them no supplements. Just the black, blue, & Ultimate Pup. Good products. Keep up the good work. Satisfied client!! Jason

"We love feeding the Black Gold Ultimate Adult to our Pembroke Welsh Corgi adult dogs and our puppies. We find it has just the right amount of protein and fat, that doesn't give them too much overgrowth in their bones and or muscles and helps them to grow in a nice pace for them to keep up. Ultimate Adult also has the wonderful benefits of not having any corn, wheat, or soy, which are high allergens, and not very digestible, to which we like to keep out of our dogsí diet. Thank you again for providing us with a quality dog food to keep our puppies and adults happy and healthy creating a longevity of life.Ē Royal Ridge Kennel Mountain Grove, Missouri

At Sunnydell Shooting Grounds & Kennels in Sequim WA, and we feed Black Gold Trainers Blend exclusively here. This pup came to at 14 weeks of age, and right away we recognized what an exceptional dog he was. His coat is shiny, energy great, and stools are always "Black Gold" solid. Enclosed are pictures of Jack, and the ribbons he's won over the course of 2 weekends. What makes a champion dog? Good breeding; good training; and great dog food. Training Grounds of Champions THANK YOU BLACK GOLD!!!

Hello, I have been feeding the Black bag for several years now and love what it does for my dogs. The Country Supply store where I buy it introduced me to the Ultimate Adult and after one bag, I was hooked! Wow ok thank you so much for following through and helping us get the Ultimate Adult formula. You guys really do a great job and our dogs send hugs and kisses to all of you. Here is a picture of our male who LOVES Black Gold food. When we bought him, he weighed a mere 83lbs and after 3 months of feeding the Black Gold food he had gained 20lbs and added nice muscle mass. We can not say enough good things about your product. We are pleased to say our boy is being considered for publication in some breed specific calendars and books. Thank you Wendy and Sam

Pictured here is Taylor Hooks of Swainsboro, GA and GRCH Little T's Mustang Sally. Her daddy and I own Ohoopee River Dog Supply and feed all of our dogs Black Gold. Even before we became a dealer, all of Taylor's show dogs were on Black Gold 26/18. As you can see, her dog looks great! Not pictured is the Black Gold Jacket she won at the Florida State Championship. That win was pretty special since she feeds her prized show dog Black Gold Dog Food. We wanted to thank Black Gold for making such a great product! Every time someone asks us about Sally, we are quick to recommend your product to them!

Chase Roberts from Florida

Mr. Allen, I received the sample about 10 days ago and the dogs and wolves loved it. We bought our first bag of Black Gold and were mixing it with the Hi-Pro and giving them a gradual change....The wolves and dogs are sifting through the food dish eating only the Black Gold...I am relieved to find a feed they love so much and that's good for them. Thank you for the sample and you have a new customer here! I have told and will continue to tell people friends and family of your Black Gold. Thank You, Valarie Pitts

Dear Mr. Allen, I contacted you last March about your dog food. I have wolves I am feeding it too. My adult wolves and 2 dogs are happy, healthy and their coats are shiny. My female wolf just had a liter of cubs...With wolves they only have 2 to 4 cubs and the first liter rarely makes it I'm told. I wanted to let you know Cloud had 10 cubs and we. I give credit to Black Gold! I already have homes for many of the cubs and the new owners will be feeding Black Gold puppy formula. Again Thank you, Valarie

Rosita, a 2 pound, 6-week-old Chihuahua, slipped through a tiny space between a gate and a fence to socialize with a 50-pound pointer named Katie. I stood in disbelief fearing what would happen next. Katie took one look at Rosita wagged her tail and scooted over to share her meal of Black Gold Dog Food. Since her initial visit, Rosita has made it a daily practice to dine with Katie, preferring Black Gold to her own food. Jeanette McElvany Ok

Hi, John We just wanted to let you know how much we really appreciate Black Gold. The only food we feed is Black Gold and the dogs look great. Thanks again. Dewey Prevatt, Cacklenut Farms

Hi, I have used Black Gold for at least 2yrs plus, the dogs love it, we do alot of trail riding on horses and itís nothing for my dogs to go 20 plus miles a day. There feet might be sore, but there ready to go the next day. We take them a lunch of Black Gold on the trail as well. I have pictures of a Blue Heeler-Cattle dog, when we got him and at 3 months now look at the shine on his coat. Thanks Black Gold for making a quality dog food. Thanks Renee' from Hector Arkansas!

Here is our gang! About Ewe Border Collies Kennels Claudia Wheeler Border Colliologist Dogs are not our WHOLE life, but they make our lives Whole!

Here are some pictures from Astoria and Clark County! The girls did great! In Astoria, Kendra took 3rd in finals, Kristen took 5th in finals and in Clark County Kendra took 8th in finals, and Kristen took 7th in finals. Talked to alot of people about Black Gold and there was another banner at Clark County! So Black Gold was everywhere this weekend! The girls are sporting their t-shirts in some of the pics, so with the waterfowl festival (huge dog event for dock dogs and training trials) and Diamond Lake we will be done for the year. Itís been a great year The Lees in Oregon

Katy - Another Satisfied Customer!

Biss Ch. Kadell's Black Gold SW... aka...Gideon is a standard wirehaired dachshund.
He is currently in the top 10 all-breed and breed standings. Bred, owned, and handled by the Reynolds/Cahill family in Riverside, Ca.

Here is a picture of me, Daisy Mae the 2006/2007 Washington State champion and her big brother stretch, with some of the trophies they have won. I like to feed them Black Gold Red it seems to get them really fired up. Thanks Chuck Girtz

John, my two mountain cur dogs eat nothing but Black Gold. I donít have any dealerís real close, so I have to buy it in bulk in Tallapoosa, GA then bring it all the way across the state. (I have dealers closer, but schedule my vacations to visit family) My Black Gold camouflage hat is just about wore out! I hunt my dogs at least 3 nights a week on coons and donít feed anything but Black Gold. I have good-looking, healthy dogs, that eat all their feed and I have very little cleanup. I have spread the word about your product, and it sells itself. Black Gold is definitely the best bag for my buck. Thanks again, Russ Dean, Brunswick, GA

2 pups raised on Black Gold and bred by the folks at Black Gold. Regret (dark face) Ruffian (with blaze) 4 1/2 months. Named after two of my husbandís favorite Thoroughbred fillies. Regret was a Derby filly and Ruffian was an undefeated filly.

Grand Champion/ Upland Hunter/ Master Hunter Labrador Retriever (Big Charlie). Charlie and I have had a great relationship from the time I picked him from the litter when he was 49 days old. He and I have picked up ducks and geese from South Louisiana to Wisconsin. He passed his first hunt test when he was only 4 months old. He and I run a lot of UKC and AKC Hunt Tests. I am also a licensed UKC judge and very active in the Hunting Retriever Club (HRC) programs. Charlie and I have put on retriever demonstrations for Ducks Unlimited, Churches, and Schools. We also do demos for the National Wildlife Refuges annual Kids Days. Charlie is a very friendly, easygoing dog, until the guns go off and then he is all business. I am 43 years old and hunt with my 11-year-old son and 67-year-old dad. The 3 of us never measure our enjoyment based on what's hanging on the straps. It's always about enjoying each otherís company and the outdoors. I buy Black Gold at T&G Feed in Mauriceville, Texas. Thanks, Daren Hearn and Big Charlie

1st picture is Black Gold Dealer Rick Rigg (left Side) with his dog Digger, and Chip Denham with Jack both dogs raised and fed on Black Gold 31/21. Second picture is Jack who trains and hunts as hard as any birddog and maintains great weight and that beautiful liver color that is so hard to maintain. Gimme a bag of that Gold!!!! Thanks, Chip Denham

Hello, I recently changed from a well-known premium food to Black Gold Kennel Blend and Puppy food for our bird dogs. I am very pleased with both, but the dogs are extremely pleased about the change! When I started mixing the food, they would always pick out the Black Gold first. Given a choice of Black Gold puppy food or the popular puppy food we were giving them, the pups go for the Black Gold. I have attached a photo I took of one of the pups, as well as a picture of the parents doing what they love to do.

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