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So what is so special about Black Gold Premium Dog Food?

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While many brands of dry dog foods have similar ingredient labels; the AAFCO guidelines do not require that the “grade” of ingredients be listed. Right out of the gate Black Gold is different - Why?

The first key to making a premium dog food like Black Gold is to start with natural top-grade ingredients and then process them correctly. Black Gold goes an extra step further and assures the processing of our ingredients are of “premium” quality standards thus producing a highly digestible, nutritionally wholesome, food.

Black Gold also delivers in the digestibility category. Most dog owners find that Black Gold goes about 30% further than other feed. When considering cost per serving, Black Gold is more cost-effective than other brands because your dogs are satisfied and are healthier, as you feed and clean up less.

You can trust us. You will find Black Gold to be nutritionally the same every time. State of the art quality control and high grade ingredients assure that every bag every time is nutritionally consistent; however; you might notice kibble color changes. Why? We don’t use artificial coloring in our feed.

Dogs love us. It has been reported numerous times that dogs will eagerly eat Black Gold when they won’t eat other brands of dry dog food. Black Gold has been thoroughly tested on all types of dogs and is proven to be highly effective for appearance enhancement, improved conditioning, small firm stools and high palatability.

And you don’t have to just take our word for it, read what others have to say here on the website. follow these links to one of our testimonial pages.

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All Black Gold Premium Dog Food Products Proudly Manufactured in the USA.

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Black Gold Dog Food
Dogs Love Us - People Trust Us

We are wholly owned, sourced* & then Made in the USA  -*except our New Zealand Lamb